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Model US-100
Notes: All tank liquid levels may be increased to 13” working depth above the work rest for larger Items. Normal working depth for blinds 5 ½ “ above the work rest. All tanks supplied with stainless steel work rest in both wash and rinse tanks. All cleaners are supplied with 25 lb. box of Hessonic blind cleaning compound and one gallon rinse additive at no charge.

Options: Aluminum cover and splash baffles for leaving the liquid in the tank during transportation. You can also get 25 kHz generators instead of 40 kHz.


75" x 8" x 13"


1000/2000 Watts

40 kHz.

​1800 Watts


Working Dimensions


Watts (operating/peak)


Heat (in watts)


100" x 8" x 13"


​1500/3000 Watts

40 kHz.

​1800 Watts


132" x 8" x 13"


2000/4000 Watts

40 kHz.

​2700 Watts

All models: Are constructed of 14 gauge type 304 stainless steel plate. End panels double welded for life time weld guarantee. Voltages to be 120 or 208 to 240 volt single phase. All cleaners have single cord operation, On models US-75 and US 100 these cleaner have a switch back feature from heat to ultrasonic operation requiring one 20 amp.@ 120 volt power source. All cleaners using 208 to 240 volt will have an option for installing a step down transformer for 24 volt pilot circuit for control switches at no charge. Immersible transducers covered with a ten year guaranteed for manufacturing defects, two years for the ultrasonic generators. All cleaners to have 4” (102 mm) casters.

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