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Content Cleaning Baskets
Pneumatic Lift System
D/I/ Water Filtration

Standard Features & Accessories

Standard Features*:

  1. All tanks made from 14 gauge grain finish stainless steel
  2. Marine style "anti-drip" countertops to keep water in the tanks and off the floor
  3. ​Single point electrical plug connection, standard 204 VAC to 240 VAC single phase
  4. NEMA electrical control boxes with EPO (emergency power off) for maximum safety
  5. Overflow Weir for removing floating and organic debris from water surface
  6. Pump driven filtration to keep water cleaner longer
  7. "Power Flush" for pumping tank out for fast cleaning turnover
  8. Multiple 500 watt independent generators, one for each transducer pack
  9. Industrial grade casters
     *.   Some tanks have certain standard features such as window blind cleaners


  1. Ultrasonic Cleaning Start-up kit with chemicals and necessary accessories
  2. Wire mesh baskets in various sizes or custom sizes for all types of cleaning
  3. Higher powered systems, greater cleaning watts per gallon
  4. ​Higher heat wattage for special industrial applications
  5. Switch-back capability on 110VAC machines, heat/ultrasonics switch on/off
  6. Foot switch on/off operation
  7. Pneumatic Lift System to reduce operator lifting injuries
  8. Sprayer wands on other tanks
  9. Deionized water filtration systems for final rinse tanks
  10. High volume filtration pump on ultrasonic tanks to preclude the need for a Pre-Wash
  11. Special overhead racks or flip-up work ledges on tanks for special purposes
  12. On-Site systems training for any of our machines
  13. Extended warranties on generators

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