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What Size Machine?

Based on your specific facilities needs, you may need only a machine that can handle the items pictured to the right. If you're a large hospital or rehabilitation center and also want to do larger items, we can built whatever size machine you require. 

Regardles of the machine we build for you, it will be properly powered and accessorized to meet your needs.

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Hospital Equipment Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cellular Destruction of Infectious Micro-Organisms

Infectious biologics are deposited upon the surfaces of medical equipment with every patient or employee that touches them. The germs accumulate in layers and therefore present a significant biological threat to the next person to handle/use that equipment. Disinfectant wipes are not enough anymore. In fact, most such wipes are not useful against many of todays mutated strains of infectious bacteria, virus, fungus, mold and algae. 

Ultrasonic cleaning of this type of equipment can actually shred the cellular material of these infectious biologics. Through the ultrasonic action of cavitation, cellular disruption is achieved therefore blowing the cells apart and rendering them inert. When the equipment is removed from the ultrasonic bath, it is free of the bio-burden and general filth that was upon its surfaces.

For more information on how this technology works on destroying infectious biologics, google "ultrasonic destruction of infectious cellular material" and read through the articles.