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Disaster Restoration Industry Ultrasonic Contents Cleaners

​and Systems 

When it comes to cleaning fire soot, flood water silt, Category 3 sewerage contamination or crime scene biologics from homeowner or business contents, Hessonic makes the best machines for the job. Whether you need a stand alone ultrasonic cleaner or a complete contents cleaning system, we've got you covered. Hessonic makes the machine or system you need. Choose your tank size, cleaning power and features for your specific needs. Already have another brand of cleaner and need a pre-wash and final rinse? No problem, we'll build your new tanks to match the size of your existing ultrasonic cleaner.

Need a lift? No, not to the store. A lift to help raise and lower contents into the tank, no problem. We can make any of our ultrasonic cleaners, pre-wash or rinse units with a pneumatic lift to help prevent operator lifting injuries. We use only the best pneumatic components for smooth, reliable lowering and lifting operation.

All tanks come with our marine style "anti-drip" counter tops, NEMA electrical safety boxes, single point power connection, emergency power off (EPO) switch and recirculating pump with filter and "power flush". 

Need a complete system, here you go...

​                           Pre-wash                             Ultrasonic Cleaner                             Final Rinse

Is a three tank system too large for your space? Hessonic also makes two tanks systems with an integrated Pre-Wash/Ultrasonic in one tank and a separate Final Rinse Station. It's the best of three tanks in two. It saves you considerable space and money, while still producing good, clean contents for your clients.

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Standard Tank Style

​Tank with Pneumatic Lift