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The Maxx-Dryer

The best of both worlds in ONE dryer

It's a tunnel dryer and a chamber dryer in one unit

In the disaster restoration industry, you need to have equipment that gives you the flexibility to switch gears on the fly to get the job done right. Hessonic Ultrasonics prides itself on out of the box thinking for better equipment design. Enter the Hessonic Maxx-Dryer, an all in one drying system that gives you the flexibility of being a tunnel dryer or a chamber dryer when you need it. As a matter of fact, it can fill both rolls at the same time. Continually process nonabsorbent content while drying absorbent content on the lower level of the dryer.

The Maxx-Dryer has a powerful 1200 CFM fan with approximately 6000 watts of heat for maximum drying capability. The unit has a temperature display along with a timer and built-in ozone capability. When you need to use it as a tunnel dryer, simply fold down the side panels and pass your content baskets through. When you need a chamber dryer, leave the side panels closed. Do you need to dry a large or bulky item, just remove the adjustable shelves and/or tunnel roller deck and you have over 35 cubic feet of space. Most nonporous items dry in approximately five minutes allowing for continual production line cleaning. The dryer is made from type 304 stainless steel and comes standard with a solid door. A clear polycarbonate panel door is available as an option and is unbreakable, unlike tempered or safety glass. For additional information, click on the brochure to the left.

                             Tunnel Dryer Set-Up                                                          Chamber Dryer Set-Up

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