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The Hessonic 3BSU

3 Bay Sink Ultrasonic Cleaner

Now Get into Ultrasonic Contents Line Cleaning Affordably!

Should you get a three bay sink and do hand cleaning or get a three tank system and do production line ultrasonic cleaning? Why not get both! Yes, Hessonic has done it again. We have taken the classic three bay dish washing sink and turned it into a three bay ultrasonic contents line cleaning system. It has a Pre-Wash sink, an Ultrasonic Cleaning sink and Final-Rinse sink just like its big brother the three tank line cleaning system. The Pre-Wash and Final-Rinse basins are 24"x24"x14". The ultrasonic basin is 24"x24"x24" to accommodate the ultrasonic transducer pack and give you a reasonable amount of depth to submerge most household content items.

The system delivers 1,000 Watts RMS of ultrasonic cleaning power. There are two commercial sprayer wands to allow for multi-person operation at both ends of the system. The 3BSU is available in a variety of configurations based on the accessories you want to include. Even if you start out with the basic unit, you can always add the upgrades as you can afford or need them. 

3BSU Models:

​HS-3BSU-A     Basic model, Sink as you see it above with two sprayers and 1,000 Watts RMS

​HS-3BSU-B    Same as A model, Sink as you see it above with two sprayers and 1,000 Watts

                        RMS, recirculating pump and filter for ultrasonic basin with in-line heater.

​HS-3BSU-C    ​Same as B model, Sink as you see it above with two sprayers and 1,000 Watts

                        RMS, with Pre-Wash Bubbler and separate recirculating pumps with filter and

                        in-line water heaters for each basin.

​HS-3BSU-D     Same as C model and includes De-ionized water filtration for Final-Rinse basin