Hessonic 2 Tank Line Cleaning Space Saver System

When you want a real line cleaning production system, but don't have the space or money for a three tank system, we've got your answer. It's the Hessonic two tank line cleaning system. We've combined the Pre-Wash and Ultrasonic Cleaner into one tank. The second tank is the Final-Rinse as in the three tank system. 

                             Pre-Wash / Ultrasonic Cleaner                 Final-Rinse

We have combined the Pre-Wash and Ultrasonic Cleaner into a single tank without any loss of efficiency. This new design is equipped with a higher volume recirculating pump and two stage filter system for faster and better cleaning than single stage filtration system. We also include a commercial spray for easy pre-washing. The above image shown with optional de-ionized water filtration system. This type of system can be made in any size with the appropriate level of ultrasonic power for extremely effective cleaning.

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